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Des envies d’apprendre, de comprendre, de jouer en gagnant du temps, je peux vous aider. Que ce soit en Stage d’harmonica ou en cours particulier, n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour en parler : christellester@gmail.com

You want to learn, to discover, to understand how to play and save time, I can help you. Workshop or lessons, feel free to contact me : christellester@gmail.com

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I’m a professionnal musician, which means that I can teach you via Webcam (Skype, iChat) , how to play our instrument. To do so please pay 60 euros  with the PayPal link below , and after that  please contact me by email: christellester@gmail.com


Etant musicienne professionnelle je peux aussi vous donner des cours par webcam (Skype, iChat) donc si vous désirez en prendre, veuillez règler 60 euros par Paypal et me contacter par email: christellester@gmail.com

Testimonial - Témoignages

Hi Christelle, Thanks so much for sending me the songs, i`ll practice it until I get it. And thanks for the lesson, I learned more in that hour of where i`m going wrong, than in 6 months trying to figure it out myself. By relaxing and working on my breathing ( watching myself in the mirror) I can already hear an improvement, I`ll get back in touch when I feel that i`m on top of what we went through yesterday,.

Again Christelle, thanks very much.




Gary - U-K

Dear Christelle


I just wanted to tell you that I am grateful that I´ve found you..! It was a very giving and educating session we had tonight, and I feel that the little details and tricks you supply are pure gold.

I only hope I can remember it tomorrow :-)

Anyway I can always practice bends, and when I feel a little more good at it I will call you again.

(Or to tell the thruth I will call again even if I am not better, to get a boost..!)

I am happy you like my work, as I said it is mutual, and I have great pleasure from your music.

Do you have made a CD, or how do I get your music outside the computer, are you on iTunes..?

I adore my little iPod because I can listen to blues all day, whitout risking a divorese...


Warm Regards


Dan - USA

I know.  One thing for sure, Christelle, I learnt more from this 1hr, than the 3 lessons I took las

Danny - Honk Kong China